The 4 Vielfach Shelf Modules: einfach, zweifach, dreifach and vierfach

einfach vielfach

modular, mutable, extendable
The storage modules are coming in 4 different sizes.
Einfach – vielfach is a mutable storage rack.
All purpose usage intended:
suited to private living as well as office and sales location.
Upright or slanted.

Please consult Designer Florian Harmer, +43 699 1136 4110
Available at Blumberg | Stockerauer Strasse 26 | 2104 Spillern



4 modules 2 depths infinite possibilities

einfach [5,51×4,72×5,31 inch / 14×12x13,5 cm] 42 Euro
zweifach [8,66×9,45×5,31 inch / 22×24x13,5 cm] 48 Euro
dreifach [8,66×9,45×10,63 inch / 22×24x27 cm] 54 Euro
vierfach [12,99×9,45×10,63 inch / 33×24x27 cm] 60 Euro
volume rebates available

steel plate, powder-coated, white;
custom coat colors for orders above 100 pieces

shelves snap together with clips on the front and back edges

one click assembly

The shelf modules connect by integrated clips located on the front and rear edges. The units mount from left to right and from the bottom up. The first mounted unit gives the angle for the complete shelf assembly. Unit by unit the shelves can then be pieced together and bolted to a wall. Make sure both the front and back clips are engaged. Each unit should be clipped to at least 2 others for best stability. Fasten the outermost shelves with both screw eylets.
Follow these few steps, and there are no further limits to your imagination.